Ashleigh Axios is an international speaker, strategic creative, and an advocate for design's ability to break barriers and create positive social change.


View some of Ashleigh's work.

Automattic Brand Book

Brand Book / Automattic
In 2019, the brand strategy, voice, tone, and visual style was revamped, documented in a new brand book, and relaunched.

Automattic Inclusive Design Cards

Inclusive Design Cards

In 2017, Ashleigh Axios and team created a set of inclusive design cards as a jumping-off point to thinking, working, and crafting more inclusively.

White House: We the People Redesign

We the People Redesign

Obama White House
In 2016, Ashleigh Axios and team redesigned the White House petitions platform to improve the experience and ensure its continued existence.

White House #LoveWins

#LoveWins Campaign

Obama White House
In 2015, Ashleigh Axios created the White House iconography celebrating the historic Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage across the US.

Obama White House: Event-Planning Worksheet

Event-Planning Worksheet

Obama White House
View the worksheet that centers event planning around key goals, audiences, and maximizing engagement before, during, and after an event.

Obama White House: Infographics


Obama White House
Take a look at how the Obama White House broke down complex issues and proposals for easy consumption online between 2012 and 2016.

White House: Homepage Redesign

Homepage Redesign

Obama White House
In 2015, Ashleigh Axios designed the first responsive homepage, starting improvements across White House public-facing platforms.

White House: Live Section Redesign

Live Section Redesign

Obama White House
The 2014, Ashleigh Axios redesigned the White House live stream section as the first major update to since President Obama took office.

Immigration White Board Video

Immigration White Board

Obama White House
In 2013, Ashleigh Axios crafted an animated white board to help communicate the positive impact immigration reform would have on the U.S. economy.

The Henry Ford - Driving America Exhibit

Driving America Exhibit

The Henry Ford Museum / Cortina
In 2011, Ashleigh Axios designed eight interactive touchscreen games for permanent exhibit on the history and influence of the car on American culture.


Coming Soon


This site is being updated to show more of Ashleigh’s work over the last decade. Here’s a teaser of what’s coming:

Automattic Design and Exclusion Event

Design & Exclusion

Coming soon.

Learn of the online conference where designers and technologists spoke to industry failures in creating inclusive experiences and shared ways to do better.

Obama White House: Blog Redesign

Blog Redesign

Coming soon.
Obama White House

Read about the overhaul of the White House blog, making it more responsive, performative, and optimizing its use for the press and general public.

Obama White House: The Record

The Record

Coming soon.
Obama White House

Read about the formation of a digital record, encapsulating the achievements of the Obama White House over two terms of office.

Obama White House: State of the Union

State of the Union

Coming soon.
Obama White House

Learn how the Office of Digital Strategy innovated on the State of the Union using design, content strategy, and digital channels to engage Americans.

Obama White House: Press Section

Press Section Redesign

Coming soon.
Obama White House

Learn about the redesign of one of the most popular sections of, where young students across the US learned about their government.

Obama White House: Briefing Room Designs

Press Briefing Room

Coming soon.
Obama White House
Learn about the design of a screen inside the James Brady Press Briefing Room that shared the latest administration updates for White House Press.

Obama White House: Correspondents' Dinners

Correspondents' Dinners

Coming soon.
Obama White House

Get some laughs with stories, images, and stats behind the yearly event where President Obama would make fun of himself to support a free press.

Obama White House: Featured Logos

Featured Logos

Coming soon.
Obama White House

View select logos created with short timelines and under high pressure in-house in the Obama White House for teams, initiatives, summits, and more.

Obama White House: Share Hub

Share Hub

Coming soon.
Obama White House

Read up on the creation of an online hub, influenced by the changing landscape of online media, consolidating infographics and videos.