Strategized and designed eight of twelve interactive touchscreen table games for the The Henry Ford Museum’s Driving America permanent exhibit on the influence of the automobile on American culture. Ashleigh’s designs offer digital access to over 4,000 artifacts from The Henry Ford’s extensive collection, including video interviews with experts and beautiful 360° photography that allows the visitor to climb inside The Henry Ford’s vast collection of vehicles. The designs also allow visitors to try everything from test-driving a Model T to designing and branding their own car. Below are just a few highlights.


Jumping back in time. Enabled guests to take a 360° view inside some of the most historical Ford vehicles without stepping inside them. Provided an interactive driving game encouraging users to test drive the Model T, taking them through obstacles and incentivizing learning with scores.

Save content to view later. Implemented an integrated digital experience allowing visitors to save museum content to their cell phones and view it again later, from their phones or home computers.

Crash Safety Test

Safety first. Created a car safety game show that makes musuem visitors contestants, learning about car safety in a fun, easy-to-engage-with way.

The Henry Ford - Driving America Exhibit
Clay process
Spray Illustration
Pixy Logo

Experience the design process. Created a game that enabled visitors to design a car to appeal to the luxury market — teaching participants about market research, the design process, and the role of marketing in creating successful car lines while having fun.


The Henry Ford

Cortina Productions

May-September 2011

January, 2012


  • John McCarthy: user experience direction, design
  • Ashleigh Axios: art direction, design, illustration
  • Vida Escandar: design & production
  • Kelsey Livingston: producer
  • Arya Surowidjojo: producer
  • Rachel Rothbaum: producer
  • Joe Cortina: creative direction