The redesign of the White House live stream section was the first major update to since the transition of President Obama into office. The updated design supports live captioning, a device-agnostic responsive structure, a refreshed navigation, and new ways to keep user engaged with White House content during their visit.

Redesign Goals

So that all Americans can understand, navigate, and interact with the White House via the audio and video streaming section of the platform.


Consistency: Consistent representation of the content across devices or regardless of the device the content is being accessed from. A single live destination from which to access the live stream schedule.


Accessibility: Improved site structure and live streaming capabilities to ensure that visitors to the section can jump past the navigation to the main content area easily, access captions, video controls, and descriptions of images regardless of their physical ability.


Speed: Improved interfaces for content administrators, enabling quick and accurate posting of content, correction and updates to live stream data as necessary, and scheduling of live streams months in advance or in as little as a few minutes.


Engagement: The new panel selector allows site administrators to choose what content gets highlighted and how, accommodating various calls-to-action and ways to engage for the site visitor.

User Feedback

In conjunction with the release, an online form was promoted to take feedback from the public on the new section. Some bugs were reported and addressed based on this feedback, however the vast majority of respondents stated that the experience and look of the updated section was "much better" than the previous experience. Here are some highlights:

Thank you for considering people like me who are working hard to stay informed… To some this new new player may not be a big deal. For me it is. many thanks
— Frequent Visitor to
Outstanding. I look forward to your implementation throughout the entire website. I also love that it’s responsive! That’s what I’m talking about!
— Infrequent Visitor to
I don’t know how the previous player was, but LOVE the current player and think it’s so great that these events are made so accessible. Thank you!
— New Visitor to

The Obama administration is archived so no events will be featured or streamed on the live page.


The White House

July 2014

July 2014 - Late August 2014

Late August 2014

As part of this project, the technical team made the White House's first moves from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, starting a new foundation for that the following phases of the redesign would build on.


  • Ashleigh Axios: product direction, creative direction, design, content strategy

  • Kasie Coccaro: project management

  • Leigh Heyman: technical approach

  • Acquia Team: development & technical product management

  • Idesha Hardcastle: livestream publishing workflow & testing

  • Alex Estes: livestream publishing workflow & testing

  • Nathaniel Lubin: review & internal project promotion

  • Daniel Pfeiffer: project approval


  • Kit Rodofla: traffic insights

  • Adam Garber: historical livestream insights

  • Thomas "TK" Kelley: historical livestream insights