Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy

In the summer of 2013 President Obama and White House senior staff were ramping up efforts for U.S. immigration reform. To support these efforts, the White House Office of Digital Strategy came up with the idea of creating their first-ever animated whiteboard video. The whiteboard would reach Americans through cross-channel White House promotions, explaining the opportunity that immigration reform would present for the economy.

The small team that included a writer, video editor, and Ashleigh as the art director and illustrator quickly got started. They mapped out a rough plan and initiated the internal approval process while simultaneously writing the narration and storyboarding the visuals. They went from concept to completion in about two weeks' time.

Watch on YouTube,  watch on WhiteHouse.gov, or watch below.

Why Immigration Reform Is Good For Our Economy
Immigration reform would grow the economy, create jobs, and cut the deficit
Immigration reform will make it easier for immigrants who study in the US to stay here and contribute to our economy
Democrats and Republicans came together in the senate to pass an immigration bill.
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Seriously — this is really, really amazing. One of the best products we’ve put together in the five years I’ve been here.
— Macon Phillips, Director White House Office of Digital Strategy

The White House

~July 1-5, 2-13

~July 8, 2013

~July 9-10, 2013

July 11, 2013


  • Ashleigh Axios: art direction, storyboarding, illustration

  • Megan Slack: content & promotion

  • Thomas Kelley: photo compilation & video production

  • Josh Earnest: narration


  • Nathaniel Lubin: review, approvals

  • Hope Hall: proof reader in chief

  • Kodiak Starr: design oversight